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the way Lucas-Hall described the feeling and emotions of the Japanese bartenders and the business man, made them highly relatable, taking me back to my own experiences and drawing me further into the story. The short stories were really easy to read and highly enjoyable. The wonderful illustrations by Yoshimi Ohtani throughout the entire book were also really very cool and added a nice touch to the stories. I like how they are so cute and quirky - its a style I hadnt seen before until now! So, if you like Japan, raybans ice!! Cant complain about that.......tempted to buy in other colours, I got the purple one and it is a nice deep purple :) very happy Smaller than I expected, but I love it anyway. Not really suitable as a work bag if you are like me and take everything with you to work. Perfect for shopping or party, etc. It was delivered within 2 days, although I opt for 3-5 working days. I love buying michael kors sandals 2, the nitrate: if there is a little nitrate, available color skin cream color or white electric oil lightly nitrate parts, remove the stains.3, metal decorations and oxidation (gold, silver, copper buckle) silver metal buckle: use the fine water sand paper or frosted rubber gently remove black spots, then wipe gently with the transparent skin ointment Note: golden buckle should not be sanded paper, in order to avoid the golden erase, can only use a little transparent ointment wiped gently.Prevention in a new handbag brass buckle buckle or metal with a little transpar.